Cash Flow Trader Chuck Hughes , The Crash Trader Greg Roy And The Penny Stock Millionaire Tim Sykes!

Meet the Cash Flow Trader Chuck Hughes, The Crash Trader Greg Roy and The Penny Stock Millionaire Timothy Sykes. What these three stock traders prove that no matter in which direction the market moves, it is possible to make astonishing gains.

The recent downgrading of the US Debt Rating from AAA to AA+ by the Standard & Poor unnerved the markets around the world. S&P 500 Index fell hundreds of point in one day. DOW Index also did the same. Soon, the initial fears of the economy getting even more worse were allayed and the markets started feeling normal again.

Stocks are recovering around the world in the last few days. However, it is not sure for how long this recovery will continue. This recovery seems to be fragile. The last seven months this year has seen two flash crashes and two mini crashes. Greg Roy, a stock trader says that come this October, the stock market will drive off the cliff. No one knows for sure. However, any day can bring in another 100 or 200 point plunge in the S&P 500 & DOW Indices.

High volatility is now part of the modern stock market and is here to stay. As a Crash Trader, Greg Roy has been trading the stock market crashes profitably for the last 25 years. He was there to profit from the 1987 Stock Market Crash known as the Black Monday. He again profited from the most recent stock market crash of 2008 making a gain of 13,400% from just one $100 trade. He says this is the best time to go short and infact, if you don't take a short position now, your investment portfolio will repeatedly take a severe beating from the mini crashes that are going to take place every few months.

On the other hand, Chuck Hughes was a airline pilot who started trading stocks and options as a hobby during the 15 days holiday that he got from the airline every month. Soon, he realized that chasing the company fundamentals was a waste of time. What he needed to figure out was a way to measure the buying and selling pressure in the market. He was amazed to find a very simple indicator that tells him consistently where the money is flowing in the market.

Over the years, he perfected his Cash Flow Trading System. Chuck loves to call himself the Cash Flow Trader. Chuck has been taking part in one of the world's most prestigious trading competitions and has won the championship seven times in total using his Cash Flow Trader Strategies. From 2007 to 2010, during the worst economy since the Great Depression, he collected $5,776,807.63 in cash income, just from selling option premium. How does he do it? Incredibly enough, he relies upon a super-accurate but little-used trading signal that lets him instantly gauge if the market is most likely poised to skyrocket or plummet to record-breaking lows.

Unlike Chuck Hughes or Greg Roy, Timothy Sykes who made his name as the Penny Stock Millionaire only trades penny stocks. Tim Sykes astonished everyone when he turned $12,415 when he was a snot-nosed, 17-year-old and parlayed it into $1.65 million before he even got out of college using his penny stock trading strategies. What these three stock traders prove that no matter in which direction the market moves, it is possible to make astonishing gains. The only thing that is important now is not the market direction but what type of stock trading strategy you use!


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