CMU SPRL Making Customization Easier for Its Customers is quickly becoming a popular place on the internet to create customized baby cards. is quickly becoming a popular place on the internet to create customized baby cards. This company's mission states that its main goal is to help customers create and personalize cards. also states that they take pride in the fact that all of their customers experience personalization, innovation, and reliability; during designing and purchasing their cards. This company has proven to be a great choice for those who are looking to create and purchase cards for any occasion. The website is completely interactive and gives customers complete control of customization of their cards. The company also takes care of printing, shipping, and delivery the cards. is becoming the UK's top choice for designing cards.

One of the main reasons is so successful, is it's easy to use customization interface on their website. The interface used to help customers design their own personalized cards is easy, direct, and innovative. The card customizing interface was designed with precision, to ensure that the system would be, "simple, intuitive, and borderless." A lot of thought was put into how everyday users would work through the interface and this shows; it is a simple and easy way to design cards.

There are also several different artistic designs to choose from. This gives the buyer more choice. The easy card generating interface allows buyers to choose from over fifty different designs! Customer is also responsible for the text that appears on the card. Choosing a customized design along with the personalized text will convey a personal touch, without the added headaches of going to a printer. Designing one's baby cards shouldn't be a hassle and Cardsoo's mission is to make this process easier for all of its customers. has lived up to its promise to its customers, by creating a simple, interactive customization interface that allows customers for freedom to personalize their baby allows gives the customer several design options to choose from, which also allows the customer more creative control over the card designing process.

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