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Card Payment Direct Announces The Continuation Of Their $500 Rate Guarantee

Committed to their talented team of professionals and loyal customer base, Card Payment Direct is has announced the indefinite extension of their $500 Rate Guarantee Program - a key source to gaining and retaining their highly valued merchants.

Card Payment Direct is extremely proud to announce the continuation of its $500 Rate Guarantee Program through 2012 and into the future! "This program initially launched as a 'pilot test' in 2011, but due to the overwhelming amount of positive responses we received from our valued customers and loyal Sales Partners and the dramatic increase in new merchant acquisitions, we have no choice but to make our $500 Rate Guarantee an ongoing and permanent program now and well into the future", claims Jonathon Malone, Director of Operations at Card Payment Direct.

This exciting and industry changing $500 Rate Guarantee Program simply promises a prospective merchant that if Card Payment Direct cannot lower their current processing rates, a check for $500 will be issued to them for simply allowing Card Payment Direct to do a comparative statement analysis. This program truly creates a "win / win" situation for any merchant that takes part in it, either the prospective customer will be able to realize specific rate and fee categories where they are overpaying with their current processor or they will earn $500 and the peace of mind knowing that they have the lowest possible rates and fees.

According to Jonathan Malone, Director of Operations for Card Payment Direct, "Our Sales Partners will now not only have the most comprehensive training in the industry, unlimited sales tools and resources at their disposal, but they now have the complete confidence that they are offering the lowest rates available to each and every business and that it is backed by the $500 Rate Guarantee Card Payment Direct offers."

Card Payment Direct plans to release several new, customer centric, industry changing programs in 2012 that will not only help in the acquisition of new merchants, but to also aid in the retention of its valued, current customer base.

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