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Capture the Memories of Getting Married with the "Memory Jar" App for iPhone and iPad

Getting married is full of memories for the engaged couple. The proposal and the wedding day are easy to remember, but what about all the little events? Now, you can capture all the memories with Memory Jar (a universal app for iPhone and iPad).

When it comes to getting married, memorable events happen on a weekly, daily and even hourly basis. Remembering these big events, like the marriage proposal and the wedding day are easy. But, what about those little events that happen throughout the engagement, slipping to the back of the mind forever? How about trying on the 20 different wedding dresses, sampling food at 10 different banquet halls and looking at the countless number of wedding invitations? These are all wonderful moments worth holding onto, but all too often get forgotten, until now! Jebs Apps, LLC is excited to announce the release Memory Jar, a universal app for iPhone and iPad.

Now, begin capturing all those phone calls, meetings with vendors and dinners with friends. After asking a best friend to be the maid-of-honor, snap a photo and add it to Memory Jar. Memory Jar is the perfect app to track all those big and small memories while preparing for the big day! The Memory Jar app works by providing an easy way to attach a picture and simply give it a title, brief description and any special keywords to help recall it in the future. Now, save the excitement of the parents of the bride learning of the upcoming nuptials or when sampling the fabulous wedding cake for the first time. All these wonderful memories are stored within the Memory Jar application and can easily be searched and read at any time.

"I wish I had an app like this when I got married." said Veronica Ortiz. "It would have been great to have all the memories of our first year together to watch on our one year wedding anniversary."

"I love the idea of using the slideshow features to watch the entire year-in-review or creating a custom slideshow of memories!" said Morayma Medina.

Thinking of starting a family in the future? This app works great for tracking each milestone, such as buying a first home, having a baby, going on a family vacation and so much more!

What a wonderful way to celebrate a first anniversary, rekindling all those beautiful memories by using the built in slideshow feature and watching the memories to background music. So, go ahead, remember all the big events and use Memory Jar to take care of the small ones!

Memory Jar (by Jebs Apps) is the only universal Memory Jar app designed to work on both iPhone/iPod and iPad devices. For more information, visit Memory Jar on the web at or find it on the App Store at

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