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Capstone Alliance Group Readies Clients For Further Energy Price Increases

An unusually cold winter in North America and Europe has prompted client representatives from Capstone Alliance Group to review client portfolios to best position them to take advantage of continued energy price increases.

The company's commodity analysts have confirmed that economic indicators correlating to rising energy price have well exceeded all buy thresholds. Most other analytic indicators including technical analysis of medium and long term trends also strongly indicate a buy position.

Capstone Alliance Group offers a wide variety of energy investment strategies, including fully hedged options for clients with low risk tolerance.  More details can be obtained from your representative, who will be glad to discuss how you can take full advantage of a proactive portfolio strategy.

Using state of the art technology, along with the best technical support representatives in the business, Capstone Alliance Group provide tools capable of observing and effecting market forces in any market. Redundant servers using highest level encryption ensures data is always safe and available for access.

The Capstone Alliance Group takes your privacy seriously.  Read more about our policies and guidelines regarding clients at

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