Calmet Offers High Quality Gray Iron And Ductile Iron Castings For Agricultural Industry

CALMET is a global industry supplier in casting, forging and metal parts to a wide range of industries from agriculture to hydraulics and automotive to marine. They have offices at Brazil, China, India and US.

CALMET is a global industry supplier in casting, forging and metal parts to a wide range of industries from agriculture to hydraulics and automotive to marine. They have offices at Brazil, China, India and US that provide round the clock service to customers across the globe. At our foundries in India and China, we manufacture iron castings that are supplied to the customers.

At CALMET, the metallurgists deliver high quality gray iron and ductile iron castings through the customized, highly advanced machines and engineering support. Gray iron that is characterized by a distinct graphitic microstructure is the most commonly used cast iron. This type of cast iron has low tensile strength and shock resistance compared to steel, while its compressive strength is similar to that of carbon steel. The graphite causes the fracture in the gray iron casting, which is responsible for its typical gray colour. Ductile iron or cast iron is utilized in various metal applications. The most defining characteristic of ductile iron casting is the nodule structure of its graphite, which is achieved by the addition of nodulizing elements like magnesium or cerium.

The company casts gray and ductile iron with the best machinery processes using high grade equipment. The gray and ductile iron castings manufactured by Calmet include various equipment and products for the agriculture applications such as seeders, tractors, diesel engines, gasoline engines, internal combustion engines, harvesters, etc. The company offers iron castings that are of best quality and have long service life. The high volume melting, minimised machining requirements, design engineering and consistent finished products results in Calmet's top quality gray and ductile iron castings.They offer specialized services from design to castings delivery according to needs of the customer.

Calmet applies the best metallurgical science to modernize the casting processes, create customized technology and innovative systems.Additionally, they provide technical assistances that include advice on casting requirements, material required, and guidance on casting liability, governing law and freight clauses. Being located across the continents gives Calmet the unique advantage of serving the customers across the globe. In short, the company offers the best quality gray iron and ductile castings for agriculture industry at the competitive price you deserve.

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A global supply partner in casting, forging and machine parts and tubes, Calmet provides versatile products to several industries around the world. Their in-country expertise, superior knowledge, use of technology and cost effective scalable capacity of our offshore manufacturing facilities make them a leader in this field. The castings are produced by a workforce that uses the skills and knowledge to manufacture the best products for our customers every day. Calmet manufactures products that are highly consistent, most durable, extremely reliable and innovative in the global market. They boast of a dedicated team of exceptionally skilled professionals who satisfy the customers with their 24 x 7 services from their offices in Brazil, China, India and US. The wide range of customer list of Calmet includes companies like SA Armstrong, Idex Corporation, Viking Corporation, Dover Group and Tyco Valves.

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CALMET act as global sourcing partner and provides complete quality and inspection services including magnetic particle testing, liquid penetration testing, ultrasonic, radiography, and coordinate measuring.

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