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Cabin Charters May Be Losing Ground to Private Yacht Holidays in Turkey

Based on information acquired from local yacht charter professionals, there has been a drop in cabin charters this past season.

Yacht cabin charters, particularly gulet cabin charters have been one of the cheapest ways to enjoy a blue cruise holiday from Turkey's Mediterranean coast. Without having to obligate to renting a complete yacht or gulet, travelers can book a cabin only, for one week and cruise Southern Turkey and all the way over to the Aegean Greek Islands for a reduced price per person compared to that of a private yacht cruise.

However, occasionally there have been complications in shared accommodation; where guests have to also share the bathrooms on board. But that it doesn't apply to all gulet cabin rentals, according to gulet owner R. Cetin. He claims that some travelers looking for an enjoyable blue voyage experience have had to rethink about sharing in more communal space. "That is not to say that they are bad holidays. You are still visiting the same beautiful destinations, just sharing your space with others who you do not know. It might be good to go with a few friends or someone you know on these cruises", states Mr. Cetin.

"Private yacht holidays can be affordable as well, more so than a shared cabin charter holiday, and you know who the people you are spending your holidays with. There are gulets with 3, 4 or 6 cabins for reasonable or affordable prices. When you split that among your group, there can be a chance that it will be about the same price range as a cabin charter cruise, depending on your negotiations and offers you receive", explains Mr. Cetin.

Although a personal preference, private gulet holidays are gaining attention in choice for affordable priced boat charters in Turkey.

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