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Business Website Is Web Marketing Ground Zero

Most Online Businesses Missing Obvious Tool for Self-Promotion - Their Own Website

The growth in online advertising has prompted web marketing firm, TAG on the Web, to launch a web banner design service affordable by even the smallest of web businesses. TAG created its low-cost web banner design service to allow more online businesses to tap into the power of digital advertising that advertisers poured over $42 billion into in 2013.

"A website is ground zero for promotion of a web business", explains TAG Managing Director, Marla Currie. "Nothing makes an audience instantly know the essence of a business like an advertisement can. Yet most online marketers miss the opportunity to do what I call a 'marketing selfie'."

TAG believes a website is an online business' first marketing platform. But most advertising seen on websites benefits others, not the site owner. Google runs paid ads on over 2 million websites with 99% of those ads promoting other businesses. The site owner often neglects self-promoting on site.

Adds Currie, "Why not have an ad for the business itself on display too? A bit of a site's valuable real estate should always be devoted to self-promotion. And the kicker is, it costs absolutely nothing. So the smallest business can afford this marketing tool. Every web business needs to create and display web ads on its site. It's a no brainer really."

TAG launched its new low-cost web banner design service to help more online businesses do a marketing selfie. TAG web banner designs start as low as $30 and are available in five Interactive Ad Bureau approved banner sizes. Designs are purchased in a simple online process. "Give us a bit of text, some images and we'll create an ad in 7 days," adds Currie.


TAG on the Web is a Web Marketing Design firm providing web solutions for businesses that promote growth through unique web strategies and advocating high standards of online business performance.
For more information, visit: design@tagontheweb.com

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