Bus to Show and The CannaBus Experience

Bus to Show Teams up with High Times and Launches New CannaBus Experience

You know that old saying, "With freedom comes responsibility?" Well, Colorado just got a new freedom. It's the freedom for adults to use weed recreationally in a private setting.

At Bus to Show, we are really into freedoms, and the only freedom we love as much as people's freedom to use plants for recreation, is the freedom of everyone else to enjoy relatively safe driving conditions. That's why we're REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, proud of High Times for putting their money where their mouth is, and helping us to arrange safe, awesome transportation to a ton of Cannabis Cup oriented events throughout 4/20 weekend.

Bus to Show will be providing transportation to and from the Slightly Stoopid concert on April 19 and the Snoop Dog and Wiz Kalifa concert on April 20. You can find tickets on bustoshow.org

Colorado this is our opportunity to be a role model and set a positive example, and to PROVE that the legalization of cannabis is a good thing, because all of the down sides that everyone was worried about are under control because we, as a community, are COMMITTED, to making responsible decisions when it comes to driving and using cannabis.

And lest we forget, the legalization of cannabis in Colorado is a year-round reality for road users, which doesn't end when the Cannabis Cup moves on to the next city on its tour.

Therefore, the genius minds that brought you blah blah blah and Bus to Show, Dancelympics, News Basics Presents, and the Basics Fund comes a new venture CannaBus.net. Finally the hypocrisy of the world has been wadded up into a tiny ball and placed into a recycling bin where it will then go back into the machinery of the corrupt system and clog all of the gears and/or tubes.

And if you don't know what I'm talking about then maybe you should blank your blanking blank. Let me put it to you like this:

Bus to Show is putting energy into launching a side project called cannabus.net, aka The CannaBus Experience. This project is designed to harness some of the attention Colorado is receiving for cannabis legalization and redirect it toward its thriving stand-up comedy scene, while simultaneously providing safe transportation to and from adult-use dispensaries. For more information on this hot new comedy venue, visit cannabus.net


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