Bulk SMS Tool Standard - Sends Bulk SMS Through PC or Laptop

Bulk SMS Tool Standard is a useful Bulk SMS Tool developed to help in sending Bulk SMS through PC or Laptop by connecting mobiles through USB and Bluetooth. Software can handle 2 mobiles at a time. User can send messages in different languages.

Bulk SMS Tool Standard is a remarkable Bulk SMS software developed to assist in sending Bulk SMS through PC or Laptop by connecting mobiles through USB or Bluetooth. Software allows the user to connect up to 2 mobiles to the computer and send SMS from both simultaneously. It detects connected phones automatically and user just needs to select the phone from which Bulk SMS needs to be sent and send Bulk SMS to unlimited recipients at one go. Purpose of the software is to make Bulk SMS sending process fast and accurate. Software has been equipped with whole lot of advanced features to accomplish this purpose. The software provides the user with the options to add recipient phone numbers one by one or by importing phone number from excel spread sheet. 'Import phone numbers' feature enhances speed of Bulk SMS sending process manifolds. Useful features like delayed delivery option and Personalized message option are provided. Different language messages can be sent. A log file containing data related to sent and failed SMS is also provided. This data includes numbers, message and time of sending. Software allows unlimited SMS to be delivered at one go. The software is compatible with GSM Mobile and is adept at sending SMS on international mobile networks. These features make this Bulk Text Messaging Software highly efficient.

Utility of Bulk SMS Sender software is immense in present scenario. Wide use of Bulk SMS for business purposes has necessitated use of such tools. Bulk SMS Tool Standard is one such software tool. The tool is being widely used and is being put to different uses by different people. It is being widely used in offices as Group SMS Sender tool to send group messages to employees. For this user just needs to maintain a list of employees in excel spreadsheet and send SMS by importing numbers from the said sheet. This unique Bulk message software is particularly important for companies relying on SMS to sell their products.

Bulk SMS Tool Standard is fast emerging as the best Bulk message sender software because of the following features:

•The software is a great tool for sending Bulk SMS PC to mobile.

•The software has no 'Do Not Disturb' or DND restriction.

•It allows you to send SMS to an entire list of phone numbers or to an individual.

•It can handle up to 2 different mobile phones connected through Bluetooth or USB. It will detect the phones on its own. It is compatible with GSM mobiles.

•The software provides an incredible feature of allowing loading or importing the list of numbers and contact data from a Excel Spreadsheet.

•You can even send personalized SMS to different contacts using the data from the Excel sheet.

•The software is equally efficient in sending standard as well as Flash SMS.

•The software provides a log file where all the data related to the sent messages and failed messages is saved.

•You do not require any additional internet connection to send SMS.

•It allows you to add custom fields while creating messages so that each contact gets a unique message.

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