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For a country that now are making super yachts for bargain chasing billionaires, making a hot tub spa would be considered elementary production in the luxury market. The Chinese production mentality has drifted from low cost and mass production items to now more luxurious and stylish items with high margin and lower production units such as yachts , hot tubs and even designer clothing (D&G, Prada and Armani for example). This move can hardly be surprising as the Chinese and other strong Asian countries are the new leaders in buying the luxury items so why can they not start making them aswell?

The hot tub market has grown considerably in China as retailers look for top quality products but at realistic prices, the results are staggering with fantastic well crafted designer hot tubs being produced like the Zspas brand but at a fraction of the cost and therefore saving the consumer thousands of pounds or Euros when making their purchase.The established hot tub companies invest in design and also invest in the best hot tub technology to match and even better competition from other countries, spare parts which at one time seemed rare and hard to obtain are now common and generic and made to a high quality.

One Asian hot tub dealership commented that they still have a few customers who show mistrust to the Chinese models but that ratio is now dropping as the success stories grow with very good customer feedback reported on most review websites. The same dealership also commented that most of the negativity was reported by the rival hot tub companies who have seen the lower cost models arrive and obviously need to save their reputation by being heavily critical of the china models.

As the excellent customer reviews grow and the design and technology improves, the winners will be the consumer with massive savings and affordable luxury hot tubs now available to more of the population than ever before. In times of rising costs everywhere and austerity the new keyword, it's refreshing to read and report on a high ticket product now lower in price but with still made to a premium quality. This will not please everyone, but for the majority of the population this is great news.

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