Bubble Magic 3D - New IOS Game Based on the Frog Princess Tale

Renatus team has recently announced the launch of a mobile 'twin' for its Facebook application Bubble Magic 3D: Frog Princess. The enchanted princess now asks for a helping hand on the App Store - or rather, for quick and precise finger taps / swipes

A happy-go-lucky frog (a crowned princess, by the way) is looking for a keen shooter to break the evil spell. That would be a perfect tagline for the game that was brought to the App Store just a couple of days ago - Bubble Magic 3D: Frog Princess.

Thousands of gamers may disagree, saying they have played it throughout the 2nd half of 2013 and the first five months of this year. Both variants are correct, as we're talking about two different versions of one really good game.

Bubble Magic 3D: Frog Princess debuted as online bubble shooter app on Facebook under the publishing brand Renatus in 2013. This US-based company is focused on launching mid-core and casual games on both social and mobile platforms, what makes the second release quite a natural thing to happen. The game, easily distinguished from the rest of bubble apps due to three-dimensional graphics, fairy-tale plot, its original book-like design of map, has earned 90,000 'Likes' by now, and many more is expected from users that are playing it on latest iPhones and iPads.

Gently tapping and swiping the screens, they will try to rescue a beautiful princess locked up in a frog's body. An evil wizard genius cast a spell that can only be broken by a hero, strong enough to perform 99 bubble-shooting labours (while Hercules had only twelve). Those feats will never sink into oblivion - on the contrary, each level score and awarded stars will be deliberately traced out on the pages of Bubble Magic 3D: Frog Princess. Plus, a hero will be able to replay any of them.

No matter what iOS device played on, the visuals of Bubble Magic 3D: Frog Princess are bound to enchant players without any tricks. The map & menu screens designed as a candle-lit book are giving way to sharp bright-colored level backgrounds. 3D bubbles hang heavily in clusters seducing one to hit them and watch them dancing in the air. Apart from bubble magic, the app has got Tarot cards, hidden keys, locked territories, and many other challenges waiting around the corner to be accepted and completed by gamers.

Bubble Magic 3D: Frog Princess is more than a game. It is a magic spell, cast once to never let go.

Download it on the App Store:
And play it to the full. Or try online on Facebook:

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