Broward County Florida Learns How To Grow Company Revenue Through Employee Engagement

Success Through Enhanced Performance, Inc., (STEP) delivered a complimentary exciting and informative seminar to Broward County Florida businessess on "How to grow company revenues through Employee Engagement."

STEP, which is well known for their successful business training and consulting experience shared methods on how to "increase company revenue through Employee Engagement" for a group of Florida business leaders.

"Real Employee Engagement requires a comprehensive and strategic approach that creates positive and lasting results when implemented effectively," said Jan Wild, President of Success Through Enhanced Performance as he opened the seminar.

Wild added, that "Employee Engagement encourages productive and dedicated team members to have a vested interest in their organization. Managers are motivated by positive results, and a bottom line that benefits from increased employee retention, and efficient operations. Simply stated, Employee Engagement is vital to building a successful organization."

The seminar began with the description of productivity results for engaged and non-engaged employees. A Gallup Poll survey concluded that only 25% of company employees are engaged. Dis-engaged organizations saw a decrease in income by 33.7% while highly engaged organizations improved operating income by 19.2%.

It was further pointed out that an increase in organizational engagement was accompanied by a 12% increase in customer satisfaction and a reduction in staff turnover by 87%.

The seminar continued with consultant, educator, and coach Doug Mendoza presenting to 30 attendees the critical components that include how to diagnose and measure employee engagement within their organization.

The program focused on assessing levels of engagement and discovering actions to take to enhance them. Doug also stressed the importance that knowledge, skills, and tools have in helping align and build team commitment. He also explained the importance of developing strategies for intentional engagement, and recognizing the role that trust and collaboration play in Employee Engagement.

At the conclusion of the seminar, each attendee was given five free Employee Engagement assessments to gather more insight into the engagement levels within their respective organizations. Wild stated that, "assessments will deliver a full overview of the level of engagement within each participant's company. This facilitates the starting point in establishing a dialog on how to increase company growth through increased Employee Engagement."

The seminar was so well received that STEP intends to launch the Employee Engagement program as a webinar in the coming months allowing thousands to view this essential information.

STEP has extensive experience in the field of organizational development and bottom-line performance. This Plantation, Florida based firm, was founded to help business organizations increase revenue through the development of their personnel using a globally proven system of evaluating and training employees ( ) in the skills and attitudes necessary to perform more efficiently and remain engaged.

The STEP process employs business leadership training, strategic planning, talent development, organizational evaluations, customized training, sales mastery training, coaching and consulting. Companies looking to increase their bottom line through increased employee engagement ( ) and personnel development can contact Success Through Enhanced Performance ( at (954) 376-3767.


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