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Breast Reduction Surgery And It's Surgerical Procedure

Breast Reduction Surgery is a type of common cosmetic procedure for increasing and decreasing a size and shape of their breast

Breast reduction surgery or Reduction Mammoplasty is one of the most popular and well known cosmetic treatments for reducing the size of the breasts. It can be performed on any patient, irrespective of their age, but most plastic surgeons prefer to wait until the breast development is complete.

Some women suffer from hypertrophy due to oversized breasts resulting in neck and back pain. In addition, due to huge breasts, undue pressure is put on their body causing it to bend forward. This disorder requires immediate medical attention and breast reduction surgery is the only option for such women. Usually, the breast reduction surgery is done with general or local anaesthesia.

An incision is made in and around the areola, crease beneath the breast or in the armpit. The breast reduction surgery helps the women to get rid of immense embarrassment very easily with a firmer and attractive look.

The Surgery

Before the surgery, the surgeon first examines the breasts, determines a patient's overall medical history and then explains the surgery procedure to the patient. Photos and measurements of the breasts are taken for medical records and the patient is prepared to discuss about her expectations which the surgeon will take into consideration while planning the procedure.

Breast reduction surgeries vary from patient to patient, but the most common method involves a general anaesthetic with a horizontal incision in the crease of the breasts, a midline incision down center of the breast and an anchor shaped incision around the areola from which excess breast tissue, fat and skin are removed.

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