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Breakthrough in Homebrew Technology

New technology allows the home brewer to measure specific gravity and temperature wirelessly whiles sending the data to a smartphone or tablet.

From the hub of the worlds greatest craft beers has emerged the newest advancement in home brewing technology.

The Brewometerâ„¢ (patent pending) is the world's first free-floating, app-enabled, wireless, digital hydrometer and thermometer. This brand new technology provides a simple and effective way to remotely track the home brewing process. Leveraging the latest energy-efficient version of Bluetooth, the Brewometer floats freely in the fermenting wort to tirelessly send a steady stream of brewing data to a smartphone or tablet. The Brewometer app displays data to the brewer and sends specific gravity and temperature to the cloud. This device allows the homebrewer to check the progress (alcohol content) of their beer, in any fermentor, at any fill level, in real-time, while brewing, rather than the traditional method of pouring a beer sample into a traditional hydrometer. In addition to being an easier and faster, the Brewometer reduces the risk of contamination and gives brewers an accurate way to graphically track and share history and progress of their beer. This allows the home brewer to more easily test and repeat great tasting beer.

The Brewometer team has solved a long standing problem for home brewers and created the solustion to help people brew better beer. To raise funds, the creators of the Brewometer are running a Kickstarter campaign. They hope to raise at least $60,000 to begin manufacturing and distribution of the Brewometer to get it in the hands of home brewers everywhere.

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