BoyzToys Promote Snow Preparation Due To Recent Snowfall

With the recent widespread snowfall the UK is experiencing, BoyzToys is promoting the use and purchase of snow preparation goods such as deicing salt and snow shovels to help people and businesses cope with the snow.

Recently cold weather has hit the UK, bringing widespread snowfall and freezing temperatures to the entire country. The BBC reported on the colder weather, warning motorists to expect icy conditions and snow prior to the snowfall, preparing many for the coming weather. The BBC also reported that most councils were well prepared for the snow and ice due to the colder temperatures experienced before the weather hit.

Around the country people have been coping with the snow and ice in different ways, with some working from home to avoid driving in the snow, and others putting out their old sledges for sale if they can't use them, hoping to make some money from the weather, which is so uncommon in the UK.

BoyzToys is promoting the purchase of snow preparation items to the retailers they supply. A Customer Liaison for the company added, "we were encouraging retailers to purchase their snow preparation items prior to this weather, and now we're promoting those goods again to help them help their customers. The weather around the UK is set to get worse before it gets better, and if retailers don't have goods such as white deicing salt, snow shoe grips or snow shovels for their customers to purchase then they could end up losing out on sales and end up experiencing problems with the snow and ice themselves."

Preparing for adverse weather such as snow and ice helps to combat its effects when it does arrive. Deicing salt helps to prevent ice forming on roads and pavements, and a snow shovel can quickly move any snow that falls out of the way. Snow shoe grips are effective at helping people stay on their feet whilst out in the snow and ice, and ice scrapers will make light work of any frost on car windows and windscreens.

BoyzToys is a UK based wholesaler, providing to retailers around the country. They have a wide range of goods, but for this time of year their winter essentials are what's needed to help businesses and people cope with any snow and ice that falls or forms in the coming weeks.

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