Bottlerocket Publishes Guide For College Student On How To Find Mentors

Bottlerocket publishes a guide on how to find mentors for college students so they can better prepare to be successful. The guide helps them find, approach, and manage the relationship with mentors.

College students are facing a lot of uncertainty as they struggle with the age-old question of how to achieve their goals but are now also facing increased pressure by the changing economy. To help college students solve this problem and find success in both career and personal goals, Bottlerocket has created and published a short guide on how to find mentors for college students.

Companies are no longer looking to hire people for their entire careers nor expect this. More and more we are seeing companies build a strong core team that is able to manage a wide range of projects that are staffed using outside experts or consultants that provide specialized abilities or knowledge for the defined project and then move on to another company and project. This trend allows companies to maximize their productivity without incurring lasting overhead expenses and employment liabilities. As Jude deTar, CEO of Bottlerocket comments, "college students are now graduating into an economy that doesn't have time to train and provide skills to graduates who will leave them within a couple years. Instead, companies are looking for graduates to have identified an area of expertise and to have developed their abilities during school or on their own".

Unfortunately, it has been well-documented that universities do a poor job at providing graduates with hard skills with which they can immediately provide value to employers. This disconnect is forcing college students to take proactive approaches to preparing for a life-of-forced-entrepreneurism and develop their hard skills on their own. This requirement is not realized by most college students until late in their studies, but proper planning along with the help from mentors can quickly improve students' chances of success.

Bottlerocket recently released a short guide ( focusing on this exact problem and highlighting how college students can find and utilize mentors to better plan and achieve their goals. The guide takes the perspective of a college student and is meant to give them some specific, actionable advice towards getting help in a way that is hardly ever mentioned or promoted on our universities' campuses.

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