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While a black belt is mainly often associated with martial arts, there's another type of black belt you may well be interested in earning.

Once you observe someone or hear someone say they are a black belt, you probably look at or think of that person in a unique way.

They have set in the exertion, training, and moment to turn out to be a master. Martial arts have been using a belt structure for over 2500 years. There is a reason why they keep on to do so, to this day:

Because it works!

While a black belt is mainly often associated with martial arts, there's another type of black belt you may well be interested in earning. Especially if you're a guy who would love to be able to boldly walk up to whichever gorgeous woman and charm her with hardly any effort. You can do exactly that, by joining "Black Belt Seduction."

There's a lot of material out at hand right now as regards dating, and seduction for men. Black Belt Seduction determined to put their money where their mouth was. They place an advertisement in their local newspaper. They were looking for men who wanted to volunteer for a project.

They chose 20 men who responded to the ad and rated themselves as average or less than average as soon as it came to seduction abilities. The mentors at Black Belt Seduction therefore broke the men into 4 groups of 5. Each man in each group was given a easy task: Find a woman at a bar or night club to give him her phone number. The twist was, that each group of men received separate seduction training. Here is what each group received in terms of seduction training and what their goal accomplishment rate was:

One group received no tutoring. They were asked to utilize their own techniques. 0% star rate. One group received a top selling seduction manual written by one author. 20% star rate. One group received a complimentary ticket to go to a seminar held by one of the most excellent recognized seduction experts in America. 40% star rate. One group received training from Black Belt Seduction using various forms of media produced by the 5 experts behind Black Belt Seduction. The 5 experts behind Black Belt Seduction are comprised of both men and women. 80% star rate.

You can join the Black Belt Seduction membership for $7.95 for the initial month and after that just $27 per month after that. Exactly like in martial arts, you will move up rank based on belt color. You begin out as a white belt. Once you stick with the curriculum, you will progress through the following belts: Yellow, green, blue, red, and then you will turn out to be a black belt master of seduction. They utilize this structure for the same rationale martials arts do, because it works!

Once you join you will be taught such things as exactly what triggers attraction inside of the mind of women. Here are definitely 10 examples of what triggers attraction:

* Being a high-level status male
* Being a leader
* Being funny
* Being self-confident
* Being strong (either in the mind or physically)
* Having capable genes for her offspring
* Having social competence

When you join Black Belt Seduction you will be taught to accomplish all of the above and you can trigger attraction in just about any woman at will.

Here is more of what you will become skilled at once you join Black Belt Secution:

* How to accost any woman you don't know and begin a conversation with her - without being rejected or "blown out".

* The 7 effortless conversation techniques that will unconsciously build attraction in her mind - for you

* How to persuade a woman into your bed in 68 minutes of meeting her for the first time - and get her calling you the next day wanting more.

* How to take advantage of the Internet (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Bebo etc) to obtain at LEAST 5 dates per week - if you covet it

There is much more you will find out. There are many more examples provided of what you will find out at the site.

Best of all, unlike most seduction material out there, you are not restricted firmly to text. Black Belt Seduction is committed to delivering you content in innovative ways. You will find your training delivered to you in the following








If you're serious concerning becoming a valid master of seduction, in that case why not join Black Belt Seduction now, and embark on your journey and turn out to be a black belt of seduction.


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