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Binary Option Brokers Get Ready For Summer Trading

While traders on Wall Street have started their mass exodus to the Hamptons, Binary Option Brokers are preparing new products for traders.

Binary Option Brokers are gathering in Amsterdam for their annual marketing conference and many will be showing off new features for their platforms.

Slowly brokers are begining to integrate Forex trading alongside binary option trading. This does not come as a surpise to most traders as the typical binary options traders is actually a forex trader. Forex traders only recently started migrating to binary options as a way to fix their risk and their potential profits.

Top rated brokers like 24Option, TopOption and ZoneOptions, have all recently announced new signals features. 24Option has trade signals intergrated into their new trading platform. TopOption has started offering 3rd party trading signals.

Signal Index is another relatively new trade signal generator. There is a complete overview of the trading signal service at . The beauty of this trading signal system, is the ability for traders to reverse trade. A reverse trade is when the system tells a trader to buy a call, the trader has the ability to program it to automatically do the opposite and buy a put. Reverse trading is great for "following the loser".

250 Binary Option Brokers

There are now over 250 binary option brokers according to industry association TBOBA. Binary option traders are constantly being courted by various brokers with enticing offers of 100% bonuses.

It is incompent upon investors to research their broker properly. Binary Options maintains an updated list of the large and popular binary option brokers here: . Traders can find which brokers are reputable and which brokers are successful.

To quote BinaryEX so eloquently writes "The truth is, not all brokers are scams. Going with a regulated broker is the smart decision!"

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