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It's been another crazy year for Billy Craig , not only is he tooling up with material for a new full length country release in another year or so but he's been not stop touring with the I LOVE THIS SCHOOL TOUR for Elementary School kids all over the Midwest and growing every year. Billy is an exciting performer with an incredible amount of energy that wins the kids over every time.

This is what they are saying!

"Thanks for your awesome assembly today!! We teachers had a fabulous time, and the kids loved it."
Signed, Teacher

"Great Show 3 years in a row and the kids just love it!"
Signed, Teacher

"Awesome show!!! Evart Elementary loves school and Billy!!"
Signed, Teacher

"Good Morning Billy, I just had to send you a note. Your show and your performance were extraordinary!!!
I have never had such a fantastic assembly! My students talk about you daily and my staff still can't say enough. You have definitely impacted this school with your well-delivered messages, your excellent performance, your catchy songs and the overall professionalism of your company. I'm so glad I picked your show! Everything was top-notch and I will have you back without question! " My regards,
Signed ,Principal

This was the best show we've seen in 20 years at this school!
Signed, Principal

"The show was phenomenal! Even the teachers loved it! It was definitely energetic and engaging for students. I'm so glad we brought it to our school! I'll have to tell my colleagues how wonderful it was! Thanks again!
Signed Principal

"We absolutely LOVED the show! It was such a pleasure to have Billy here. I really appreciated the messages in Billy's songs. The music was fun, energetic and CURRENT. This is a hard combination to find in an elementary performance! I will definitely spread the word to my colleagues in the district."
Signed, Teacher

"We LOVED Billy's show! I had several teachers respond unsolicited to the event. What I heard was the message was perfect and the music fabulous. We will definitely bring Billy back next year for our Celebrate Literature Kick off."
Signed, Principal an assembly show that he created and produced and has performed now in it 5th year all over the Midwest and we're working to bring it to TV, PBS style show.

If that isn't enough Billy has joined and will be touring with BROWNSVILLE STATION , you remember the song Smokin in the Boys Room, that's it baby, their back HOT NEW ALBUM HOT NEW BAND, and trust me folks IT ROCKS!!!!.....and Billy is no stranger to rock and roll, being a hot lead guitarist spending many years perfecting his stage showmanship, he brings boatloads of excitement to the Brownsville line up and brings that guitar slinger to a already outrageous LIVE SHOW!!!

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