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BillionGraves Acquired by Otter Creek Holdings

Otter Creek Holdings, L.L.C., is proud to announce its recent acquisition of BillionGraves, a technology-based genealogical research company.

Since its inception almost two years ago, BillionGraves has become an internationally recognized company for its contributions to the genealogical community. Otter Creek Holdings plans to introduce new technology and perpetuate BillionGraves' continual goal to preserve the valuable historical data found on headstones worldwide. Otter Creek Holdings' acquisition of BillionGraves will allow BillionGraves to provide the necessary user support as well as meet the demands of an ever increasing database.

BillionGraves is a free website and mobile app for iOS and Android devices that captures and records images of headstones and their GPS locations simultaneously. These records are then made available to the public for genealogical research and preservation purposes.

BillionGraves users participate by taking pictures of headstones through the mobile app and uploading them to the BillionGraves website. Users then transcribe these images on the website to make them searchable to researchers and genealogists worldwide. Already, BillionGraves has cemetery records on every continent and those records are increasing every day.

For more information or to get involved in the BillionGraves project, go to or email

About Otter Creek Holdings, L.L.C:
Otter Creek Holdings, L.L.C. is a software development and technology based firm that creates custom products and services geared toward family history and genealogical research. Based in Ogden, Utah, the company globally supports its products, including BillionGraves and My Legacy Memorial. Otter Creek Holdings, L.L.C. is a working stragegic partner with American Granite and Memorials, Inc. (AGMI) and American Monument. For more information, email or contact Hudson Gunn at 801-737-1916.

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