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Austin-based website,, has created a simple web app that allows users to listen to every single year of top 100 Playback songs since 1946-present day from one easy page. Easily filter by year or decade. started as a personal project by Jeff Callahan, an avid fan of oldies and classic rock. "I used to look up charts from the 50's, 60's and 70's and then look up the songs on YouTube or Spotify. I then thought how great it would be to have all the top songs from each charted year all on one page," says Jeff. He then went about creating for his own personal use. The site quickly got picked up by LifeHacker and gained popularity almost overnight. is great for nostalgic music fans, oldies lovers, and people looking to keep up with the latest top songs. People who are curious what songs were popular when they were born, graduated high school or even when their parents were born, can easily listen all the top hits from that year. also includes seasonal radio for holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. looks to expand with new features in the coming months. is self-funded and is run solely by Jeff Callahan. Please click the feedback button on the site to suggest new features and inform us of any missing track in the app.

Listening to the past hits has never been so easy.

For more information, or to schedule an interview contact Jeff Callahan at or call 512-777-1090.

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Listen to your favorite hit songs from 1900-2015 in one easy page at! With the new Beta you can watch your favorite music videos.

Jeff Callahan