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Bill Clinton to Speak at Beverly Hilton Hotel

Former US President Bill Clinton to be keynote speaker for the "Introduction of the Global Trade Expo 2013" as well as the "2nd Annual Global Independence Day."

September 8th and 9th, 2012 will be landmark dates for the We Care for the World Foundation as former US President Bill Clinton will be the keynote speaker for both the "Introduction of the Global Trade Expo 2013" and the "2nd Annual Global Independence Day." The Beverly Hilton Hotel will play host to this momentous event, with several other prominent community and worldwide leaders in attendance: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor Jimmy Delshad, Prince Frederic of Germany, Princess Harakawa-Ra, Jeraldine Saunders (creator of The Love Boat), Tatyana Peter (celebrity couturier), Subodh Kant Sahai (Union Minister for Tourism of India), actor Bret Stimely, and Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe.

Confirmed GID Ambassadors expected to preside at the festivities include Princess Harakawa Ra (Africa); Alie Chang and Jean Lang (China); Jean Paul Borget (Ecuador); Wahid Boctor (Egypt); Felizian Paul (Eurozone); ane Riley (Germany); Ken Yuan (Hong Kong); Dr. Jay Shah (India); Molly Praswanti (Indonesia); G. Fernandez, George Lopez, and Hector Saranana (Mexico); Saeed Farman (Middle East); Seemo Ben Saeidi (Morocco); Nasr Rao (Pakistan); Peter Calma and Em Roberts (Philippines); Dr. Laura Wilhelm (Russia); Rueben Gobah (South Africa); Cindy Wu (Taiwan); Daniel Rudnick (USA); and Tram Ho (Vietnam).

Pending GID Ambassadors include Zahangir Sayem PhD (Bangladesh); Edward Sana Tan (Cambodia); Edi Suharto (Indonesia); Chang Y. Lee (Korea); Soraya Fallah (Kurdistan); Steve Kaplan (Malaysia); Zula Damdin (Mongolia); Riffat Masood (Pakistan); and Ben Sudtha Komenkul and Damrong Kraikruan (Thailand).

GID awardees will include Dr. William Kristan (Albert Einstein Science Award); Yotam Solomon (Versace Fashion Award); and Dr. Laura Wilhelm (Robert Novak Journalist Award), with many more to be announced.

Additionally, entertainment icons will share their artistry as well as make special appearances: The Temptations featuring Dennis Edwards, Angelo Borer & The Crazy Feet Company, Melanie Mills, and DJ Excel.

The Miss Globe Ambassador® will be recognized as a high profile beauty, brains, and leadership competition worldwide. As such, Miss Globe Ambassador® will be a vehicle and promotion of the new breed and highest quality pageants for women. Emphasizing beauty, talent, leadership, and humanitarian attributes, the Miss Globe Ambassador® is a personal and social development opportunity for young women of all nations. The delegates who become part of the Miss Globe Ambassador® gain confidence and more edge in an increasingly competitive world. The pageant gives each delegate the opportunity to grow and advance her personal and social growth while acting as a role model in her community.

After a career in public service, former President Bill Clinton is now enjoying life as a private citizen, continuing his work in the areas where he can have an impact through his foundation. These include global health, economic development, climate change, and the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States. He started the Clinton Global Initiative to bring together global leaders in business, philanthropy, and civil society to take action on pressing global challenges. In his free time, President Clinton does what he can to assist people affected by natural disasters including Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 tsunami in South Asia. When he's not traveling, he enjoys spending time in his old farmhouse with his family in Chappaqua, New York.

September 8, 2012 - 9:00am to 9:00pm

September 9, 2012 - 9:00am to 11:00pm

Beverly Hilton Hotel
9876 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210



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"WE CARE FOR THE WORLD" believes in "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam", a Sanskrit phrase that means "THE WHOLE WORLD IS A SINGLE FAMILY." It considers all human beings on the earth as relatives to each other and ensures to strengthen this relationship by promoting brotherhood and sisterhood around the globe. Its confidence in this philosophy always encourages it to help human beings who are underprivileged or simply in need of various comforts and people who are neglected and not included in mainstream society due to various reasons.

Man is the best creation of God. "WE CARE FOR THE WORLD" puts all its efforts to prove the phrase true by empowering people financially and emotionally. The organization focuses upon availing basic human needs such as food, clean water, nourishment, healthcare facilities, education, etc. in every corner of the world.

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