Beyond 100 - 112 Year Old Author To Share How To Live Well Into Your Second Century

Book Tour and Birthday Party for Bernando LaPallo in New York City June 4 & 6

The headline seems beyond belief yet it's true; Bernando LaPallo is turning 112 years old this summer and is coming to New York City to share his tips on the secrets to his longevity while doing a little celebrating and maybe even catching a Yankees game. His new book "Beyond 100 - How To Live Well Into Your Second Century" will be previewed Tuesday, June 4 at the flagship location of Master Juicer at Sanctuary Guest Suites,196a Stanton Street in Manhattan's lower east side. Mentally sharp and physically active, this is a follow up to his first book, "Age Less Live More - Living With Health and Vitality to 107 Years and Beyond', a top seller on Each attendee will receive a complimentary glass of fresh pressed juice and some insider information on his forthcoming release.Tickets are on sale now at

Born in 1901, a special jazz age birthday party with the musical revue, The Champagne Riot, takes place Thursday, June 6th at 8PM at The Slipper Room,167 Orchard Street. Headlining are the talented duo Gelber and Manning and guests are encouraged to dress up in the styles of the 20's, 30's and 40's and party like it's 1924 and beyond. Some selections of the music of Lena Horne and Fats Waller,who were personal friends of Bernando's will be on the program.Expect a dash of frivolity in the form of burlesque style showgirls.

"I am thankful that I have had the chance to see how people live all over the world," says Bernando, who has traveled extensively during his lifetime working at sea after graduating from the prestigious Sorbonne in the culinary arts in 1928. A lifelong Yankees fan since they were called The Highlanders his memory for baseball is vivid and his birthday wish is to see the Yankees play the Red Sox at a home game June 2. Not one to live in the past, Bernando is in step with modern times. He has his own youtube channel, facebook fan page, twitter account and is the worlds oldest network marketer partnered with Usana Health Sciences a nutritional supplement company. He is an advocate of Dr. Schulze's Super Food using it as part of his health regime. "I'm making plans to live, I know I gotta die sometime."
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