Better Forex Scalping with Yadix STP Forex Broker

Yadix Forex Broker announce today that scalping strategies are accepted with all four of their accounts to accommodate all types of traders who may also benefit by opening multiple accounts simultaneously and take advantage of the various promotions

Yadix, have solidified their position within the ranks of 'quality broker' by offering full flexibility and efficiency with all conditions required to trade forex proftably, including fast order execution. With a vast array of traders disillusioned with the lack of flexibility and transparency offered by brokers and often kicked out of a platform for aggressive trading, do not have that worry with Yadix.

Yadix game plan from the very beginning was to set up a platform that favoured scalpers, offering direct market access and all the bits and pieces required to enable traders to adapt quickly to volatile markets and trade as they please.

Ms. Asha Kumar, Yadix Marketing Manager, delighted that Yadix is known as the 'scalping broker' spoke at a recent meeting saying "Our plan from the very beginning was to remove all trading restrictions for the trader, including limits on take profit, stop loss, time and pip limits, and allowing all types of Expert Advisors" Ms. Kumar went on to mention that it was a no brainer, offering traders full flexibility, to trade as they please because as an STP/ECN model broker Yadix profit from trading volumes and do not rely on clients losses to profit themselves.

Yadix also offer traders micro trading from 0.01 lots and all clients may choose their own leverage upon sign up of up to 500/1, available for adapting manually at any time. Scalpers need speed and flexibility, and most importantly the faith in a broker to trade even in the most volatile of trading periods including non-farm trading where volatility can certainly be extreme. Yadix offer all to scalpers no matter how aggressive and then some on top, including a variety of promotions such as the popular $10 per lot cash back for each round lot traded.

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