Benton's Revolution MMA Crowns Another World Champion: Academy Continues To Buck The Norm, Is Transforming Benton Into A Hotbed for World Class Athletes

Revolution MMA continues to have success story after success story of helping people reach their personal goals in life… and turning ordinary lives into extraordinary lives.

Revolution Mixed Martial Arts (Revolution MMA), an academy created on the unique concept of transforming ordinary people into extraordinary success stories is quickly becoming a hotbed for people in Benton, Bryant and surrounding areas looking for personal growth, self defense skills, success and that "missing" thing in their lives. As one of the top MMA Gyms in Benton, Revolution MMA continues to have success story after success story of helping people reach their personal goals in life… and turning ordinary lives into extraordinary lives.

Professor Abby Malone is their latest shinning case in point, acing the 2013 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Masters World Championships in Los Angeles, California. Abby is returning home to Benton a two time World Champion winning the lightweight and absolute divisions without having a single point scored on her in what's termed "one of the toughest sports in the world and the art of human chess".

Abby is not a new name on the scene. She made headlines just a couple of years back for becoming Arkansas' first female Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, a rare and long journey that less than one percent of individuals complete. She was one of only a handful of American women to reach the goal. But her growth didn't stop there and now the 31-year-old has checkmated the world of human chess with her World Championship victories. Abby is a lifelong Martial Artist, who has competed across the world and the Jr. Olympics since the age of 7. She knows first hand the benefits that Martial Arts training can provide over the course of a lifetime. When she is not competing, she is helping the other members of Revolution MMA in Benton reach their personal goals, just like she has done.

From their headquarters tucked along I-30 in Benton, members of Revolution MMA Benton AR have won a seemingly impossible four World Championships to date.

Charlie Smith was one such student, winning the World Championships in 2010. Charles Smith, a member of the Military and Veteran, accomplished his personal competition goals and so much more as a result of the training programs at Revolution MMA in Benton, AR.

Now people migrate from Texas, Missouri, and even other countries to spend time training under the watchful eyes of the coaches at Revolution MMA in Benton, AR and absorb the knowledge being presented on a daily basis. One such individual is 39-year-old Shon Foreman, a Texas family man, who has been making the more than two-hour drive to Revolution MMA in Benton all the way from Texas for more than three years now. Shon said, "There is nowhere else in the world where you will have these opportunities on a regular basis. Coach Malone is regarded as a training mastermind and a voluminous amount of high level professional athletes and coaches from all over the world seek him out."

Revolution's Head Coach and Abby's husband, Jory Malone, had this to say, "The human potential is limitless. Whenever we think we are good, we can be even better surrounded by the right people. Radical and rapid transformation is possible, if you want it. We live in an age of knowledge. It's no longer good enough to work harder; one has to also work right with right systems, right methods, and most importantly the right people. In the past, that meant living in the right locale. Now we're opening up knowledge reserved for those 'at the top and in the know' to everyone and we're using it to leverage people's success."

Coach Jory Malone knows a thing or two about success. He won Revolution's first Word Championship title back in 2007 and brings his professional background in the Soviet training model to the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts.

Highly rated among the gyms in Benton AR, Revolution MMA is focused on helping people from all walks of life reach their goals. They offer classes for children aged 4 and up, as well as separate classes for adults, who range in ages from 18-60+. "At Revolution MMA, no goal is too big or too small. We are focused on success. Whether you are the new mom wanting to lose her baby weight or just the average guy or girl who wants to turn your life into something extraordinary, we have something for you"

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