Bellevue Chiropractor Focuses on Providing a Proven Alternative to Spine Surgery

Mercer Island Chiropractic is a team of chiropractors led by Dr. Jeff Parton who are dedicated to helping patients with spine issues achieve their health objectives without resorting to often expensive surgery.

In cases of medical problems relating to the back or spine, one of the most common solutions that physicians lay on the table is surgery. While the procedure enjoys high success rates, it is not something to be taken lightly with all the complications and risks associated with it. Not surprisingly, many people turn to chiropractic care - which essentially maintains the integrity of the spine and nervous system.

Mercer Island Chiropractic is in the business of providing the ideal results to chiropractic patients in the area through health spinal reconstructive care under the headship of Dr. Jeff Parton. Having been in practice since 2001, Dr. Parton is a trusted Bellevue chiropractor who continues to empower others with his philosophy to improve their health and lifestyles.

"We get amazing results with our Mercer Island chiropractic patients because our techniques are revolutionary, state-of-the-art and our patients truly understand chiropractic and health," Dr. Jeff Parton says. "We are committed to helping you achieve not only your health goals but to help you get more out of your life."

Backed by Dr. Parton's team of expert chiropractors, Mercer Island Chiropractic teaches patients how to make lasting changes in their spine and nervous systems, and adhere to important principles to achieve an abundant life and health.

Detailed at, the Mercer Island Chiropractic team underscores how the body has to go through a particular plan of care in order to repair itself correctly and fully. The Bellevue chiropractic clinic provide the three general phases of chiropractic care, namely Relief Care, Corrective/Restorative Care, and Wellness Care. By undergoing each of the phases, patients are expected to feel better, heal or recover, and avoid future spine issues - all depending on the severity of the problem.

To find out more about the Bellevue chiropractic services aiming to help alleviate spine problems and evade surgery, please visit for information.

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