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Being An Executive Is Often A Lonely Job

Executive Coaching & Leadership Center Offers Programs To Promote Successful Work And Life Balance

Nearly 40% of company leaders are addicted to alcohol, sleeping pills or other drugs and experience a 58% divorce rate. The stress and burnout affects productivity, family and the very quality of life.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Center offers custom and confidential programs that support:
- Successful work/life balance and lasting burnout prevention
- Healthy and effective leadership development
- Success strategies for business
- Time management and how to 'create' one extra hour per day
- Self-management and how to create quality time with your family
- Relationship coaching and family coaching

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Pascale, founder of Executive Coaching & Leadership Center comments, 'Most unhealthy habits are stress related. It's a lonely job at the top and the competition is enormous. Often leaders in high positions have to fight invisible battles to stay on top. They might be experts in their field but they have forgotten how to be experts in balancing their work or their private lives.'

Programs can be provided at the executive's location, but Pascale encourages executives to combine the support work with a vacation in Santa Fe. 'We have found that business leaders with families appreciate the combination of getting professional support and a work-free time zone with their families. This allows time for relaxation, exploring, recreation and quality time with one's spouse and children. In this way there is time to relax and time to get things done,' says Pascale.

Professional couples coaching here in Santa Fe as part of your executive coaching can help to transform your relationship and family life. A revitalized marriage supports the executive's wish to balance their work and personal life and to experience less stress and more peace of mind.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Center works with travel experts, hotels and vacation rentals that specialize in hosting families, while creating a one-on-one program to bring balance back into your life.

Gila Joy Pascale is a Certified Executive Coach, (University Colorado), Certified Professional Life and Success Coach, (Coaches Institute International, California), Communication Trainer for Couples and Teams, Psychotherapist HP and Naturopath, International Coaching Practice, offering coaching in English and in German. Pascale has 24 years of experience in private practice as a Psychology Advisor For Business Owners, Counselor and Couples Coach, Communication-Trainer (Institute for Communication Training, Munich, Germany, Psychotherapist HP, (Gestalt Institute Wuerzburg) and is a Naturopath and Published Writer.

'Executives can lead lonely lives. I am happy to share my expertise, offer tools and confidential conversations that are normally not possible with team members, peers, employees, superiors and family members. Leaders often need a 'fresh pair of eyes' and an outside perspective that can make all the difference. I am here to serve the immediate and long-term needs of my clients. I am willing to be an essential part of the executive's learning process. And I support leaders to measure their impact.'

Executive Coaching & Leadership Center is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and focuses on:
- Supporting executives to manage business complexity
- Coaching high performers
- Unleashing a leader's hidden potential
- Assisting newly-promoted managers
- Enhancing the interactions of a team
- Enhancing the performance of valued executives
- Supporting executives in reviewing performance
- Confidential programs are available in Santa Fe and at the client's location.

Gila Joy Pascale
Executive Coaching & Leadership Center

Email: gila_dana@gmx.net

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