Bad News! A Prognosis On The Health And Well Being Of Print Journalism In The 21st Century

A timely documentary explores how technology has shaped the way the American public experiences and consumes news - making it one of the most competitive, lucrative industries on the brink of disaster.

) It wasn't so long ago that cries of "extra, extra" were heard from street corners in cities and towns across this country. Neighbors, co-workers and citizens throughout the nation relied on the same small group of trusted journalists to get their news in print.

"THE MEDIA - Journalism in Crisis" is a one-hour documentary narrated by Dr. William F. Baker of The Educational Broadcasting System and PBS that premiers Sunday, April 4, 2010, at 11pm EST on WNET, PBS Channel THIRTEEN (NY, CT, NJ).

Today we live in an "instant access world" with hundreds of TV channels and an internet that seems to provide unlimited venues to gather information of any sort, on any subject.

While the newspapers that America awoke to each day included clearly delineated separation of reporting and editorial opinion, the internet and ever expanding TV news outlets frequently blur the line so critical to true journalistic integrity.

The older generation might long for old fashion journalism while the younger may be wholly unfamiliar with it and the critical distinction between quantity and quality.

Are we better off now then in days past and how did we get here?

The program features renowned journalists, interwoven with analysts, academics, regulators and activists who ponder the state of journalism and delivery of true news. The journey is traced with commentary from individuals in an impressive array of roles within the business of newsgathering and dissemination as well as those who study the process, track its shifts and grade its product. A wide range of viewpoints are explored, issues deliberated and beliefs expressed about newspapers and magazines and of what passes for news these days. Questions are raised about Cable TV and the Internet's role in the condition the newsprint industry finds itself today and varying opinions are proffered about the current and future state of this medium so critical to the proper function of a truly democratic society.

The documentary concludes with a sobering look at the present state of print news, with unique perspectives from those working on the frontlines, including Tom Curley, president of Associated Press; Bill Keller, managing editor of the New York Times; and Andrew Meagher, content news director at Reuters.

Neal Cortell, Producer, Author and President of The Authority Group, Inc., brings a career of over 35-years in print journalism and television, including stints with Reuters, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones, The Christian Science Monitor and ABC News.

The 60-minute documentary was shot in High Definition Digital Video and is mastered in HD. The multi-year production brought crews cross-country, including numerous shoots in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Florida, and Washington, DC. The documentary is available as a DVD, a companion Book, Audio Book and e-Book from Amazon, each containing unique content and all distribution ready.

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