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Bad Bunny Comics Releases First Product "Vamp"

Premium Choose Your Path Comic Available on iOS, Android and Kindle

"Goblins and Zombies and Weres, oh my!"

Independent creative team Bad Bunny Comics has announced the release of its first digital comic app, "Vamp."

"Vamp" is a romantic comedy with a Halloweeny twist, and is being released as standalone comic reader on the App Store and Google Play, as well as an ebook for Kindle reading apps.

The debut offering from Bad Bunny Comics has a special one-time option, like the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' novels of the past, to pick which path the sassy, fashion-savvy heroine takes when she's caught in a sucky situation with the smooth-talking Vampire Queen.

"Vamp" is written by Bad Bunny Comics' creator and indie studio Games Lab Director Benjamin Ellis, and illustrated with skill and humour by New Zealand artist, Neil Reed.


VAMP is awake and it's hungry!

You can download the Vamp app FREE now to preview the intro on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device! Purchase the rest of the 88 pages with a one-time in-app purchase, or select only the path you desire! You're in charge.

No iPhone, iPad or Android? Okay, no probs - we even went crazy and did it up as an ebook on Amazon, so that you can preview and view (on a Kindle app with the shiny Kindle Panel View) on pretty much anything with internet. Kindle Cloud reader enables you to read the intro pages for free from the comfort of the seat you're already sitting in.


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Vamp - the comic with bite!

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