Backyard Travel Release New 'One Tour To Rule Them All' Package

Backyard Travel, Asia's most innovative tailor-made tour company, have broken the mold of conventional travel once again with their 'One Tour To Rule Them All' bespoke tour to Middle Earth.

The 14 day / 13 night tour package begins, aptly, with a visit to the famous former cottage of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, Bag End for a private guided tour, where travelers will be able to take elevenses by the very fireplace at which Gandalf discovered the inscription on the infamous One Ring. A guided cycling tour of the quaint region and rolling hills can then be enjoyed as travelers ride the path and trace the steps taken by the young Hobbit heroes who set off for Mordor together, before experiencing an authentic homestay in a local family's cottage.

The next day is free to enjoy at leisure, then in the evening, travelers will be treated to a night in The Ivy Bush, a resident watering hole for locals of this laid-back land, where they will get to sample local cuisine and, should they choose to, test Barliman Butterbur's Best ale and have the unique opportunity to join the locals as they merrily dance the evening away.

Day three will begin with a first, second - and even third - breakfast before the tour moves to the magical Elvish city of Rivendell, where travelers can enjoy a three-night stay in a bespoke suite with waterfall views and hand-carved furniture. Rivendell has timelessly retained its charm, as Elvish things tend to do, and the fairy-tale city boasts some spectacular waterfalls.

The bespoke tour then continues to Isengard, which has recently benefitted from an extensive conversion into a five-star resort complete with major landscaping works. While based for two nights in the former tower of Saruman, travelers choose from several day trips, including a giant eagle flight to the (now-safe) ancient ruins of Mordor (birthplace of the legendary 'One Ring'); complimentary entry to the Museum of Moria (where travelers can try their hand at dwarf-tossing*); and a guided horseback tour around the glades of Gondor, led by Eoman a distant descendent of King Eomer of Rohan, son of Eomund.

The luxury trip then takes travelers to enjoy a five-night stay in the newly refurbished spa resort at Minas Tirith, which has been restored to all its former glory in the centuries following the famous Siege of Gondor. The nine-star spa resort is unlike any on earth and during their stay guests can choose from several activities including a cooking course to learn how to prepare the best of the region's dishes, a visit to a local language school to learn the tongues of various indigenous hill tribes of Middle Earth and take a day trip to the preserved battlefields that litter the region.

"Our 'Out Of This World' tours are designed to take travelers to their dream destinations," said Backyard Travel's General Manager Maeve Nolan. "This 'One Tour To Rule Them All' bespoke trip will surely excite all history buffs and legend lovers, yet at the same time contains something for all the family. We're unbelievably excited to have been offered the chance by the Tourist Authority of Middle Earth to be one of the first companies to offer tours to this magical destination."

*No Dwarves will be harmed in the tossing (they are 'made of stern stuff') and participate of their own free will.

Unfortunately, as much as Backyard Travel wish to take travelers to this exotic far-away land, this tour is not currently available...nor will be in the foreseeable future. It's not a real place. So, while Backyard Travel cannot actually offer this specific tour to this fantasy world, the good news is they offer real journeys that are no less amazing!


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