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B1 File Manager V0.4.5: SMB Client and Local Search

The new version of B1 File Manager introduces built-in SMB client and local Search option.

Catalina Group presents the updated version of its latest product, B1 File Manager. The new version supports SMB network protocol, introduces the Search option and, of course, has the overall stability improved.

In its original release version, B1 File Manager introduced the support of FTP network access. The built-in SMB client expands the network access possibilities, bringing an easier way for file sharing between Android and PC. Any type of content now can be easily accessed using the smart and sleek interface of B1 File Manager.

Another useful addition is the Search button. It allows users to quickly navigate to the desired file or folder on a device by simply inputting it's name. Even a letter or two is enough for B1 File Manager to suggest the search results. File masks and wildcards (using the question mark or asterisk characters) are also supported making the search more flexible.

Adam Buyer, project leader at B1 says:

"As we have promised, FTP was only the first protocol to be supported in B1 File Manager. File sharing via SMB protocol is essential for Windows users and provides an instant and comfortable management of the shared files and folders. With this feature on any Android device, there is no more need for wires in order to get the content stored inside your home or office PC.

Following the tradition of adding "absolutely must-have features" for a respected file manager, B1 File Manager has introduced a local Search option. It's easy to get lost within your own files and sometimes finding the exact one you were looking for can turn into the exploration of multiple random folders. That's why Search is necessary."

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