Awesome Man Announces Campaign to Become the First President of Awesometown

Joe Awesome, long-time resident and fan of Valencia, recently announced his candidacy to become the first president of Awesometown. Along with his family, Joe has been hitting the streets to promote his campaign. Online elections to be held May 5-20.

(Valencia, California) In a move that surprised neighbors, Joe Awesome, long-time fan of Valencia, California today announced his candidacy to become the President of Awesometown.

Stating his intentions, Mr. Awesome exclaimed, "I have the perfect name for the job and what's more, no one has more love or passion for this community than I do," reminding Awesometown constituents of his many local deeds including the annual school fundraising paper-clip drive, chicken-noodle soup-for-the-ill effort and his annual one-man band performance at the Awesometown Gourmet Food Truck event.

Mr. Awesome, along with wife Ellen, a local real estate expert, teenage son Ben and 9-year-old daughter Chloe have begun hitting the streets to promote his campaign throughout Valencia. "Joe for President of Awesometown 2011" materials have been rumored to already appear at locales as diverse as Eggs 'n' Things and TPC

According to one local Valencia supporter, "I had no idea that Awesometown even had an office of President! I think it's great someone has stepped up to the plate and Awesometown has a history of being proud supporters of the Democratic process. We should encourage residents to vote."

Online elections will be held from May 5 - May 20. Mr. Awesome has committed to being available for all inquiries regarding his campaign platform or future vision of Awesometown.

Official inquiries regarding Mr. Awesome, his candidacy and the election should be referred to official campaign headquarters at, where a campaign manager will be overseeing details of the campaign daily.


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