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Avoid the Recent Rash of Timeshare Resale Scams

American Resource Management Group issues another alert to timeshare owners regarding criminal activity within the timeshare resale industry. Timeshare resale telemarketing scams must be avoided at all costs! Luckily, law enforcement is cracking down

As a service to clients, American Resource Management Group is dedicated to educating timeshare consumers regarding the rash of timeshare resale scams that has been plaguing the timeshare industry as of late.

Yet another arrest has been made in yet another criminal operation to defraud timeshare owners. It seems there is no end to unscrupulous predators who are scrambling to take advantage of those who are in need of a quick way out of their timeshare financial obligations.

A woman in Orange County, Florida has been brought up on multiple charges after police investigators revealed that she assisted in the running of an unlicensed telemarketing scheme that scammed timeshare owners promising a phony resale of their property. The 11 charges that Bacon was brought up on included a RICO charge, further boosting the amount of her bail.

Detectives with the Department of Agriculture announced that Jennifer Bacon and her associate, Carmen Rodriguez, both operated a company called RCIJB Worldwide Enterprise Inc. They purportedly scammed timeshare owners by asserting to have a customer for the sale of their timeshare.

Their targets paid the requested charges, yet their timeshares were never sold. There was never a buyer to begin with. Making the scam even worse, Bacon and her associates moved on to steal as much personal information as possible, including the credit card numbers with which their victims paid for the initial bogus "sales fee."

Bacon was detained for a similar unlawful act in 2012.

Rodriguez was likewise brought up on charges for a previous rip-off scam and is currently serving time for it.

Ms. Bacon was arrested Thursday, May 14, 2014 and taken into police custody. She is to be held on a bond totaling $101,500.

Those timeshare owners who are seeking an exit strategy from their timeshare contracts would be advised to ALWAYS hang up immediately if they receive an unsolicited phone call offering to sell their timeshare.

There is virtually no resale market for timeshare properties. Those who would call you out of the blue and tell you that they have an interested buyer for your property are only looking to take your money.

Thousands of timeshare properties are listed online and offline for virtually pennies that never sell. It is difficult to impossible to even GIVE timeshares away. The truth is that there is a glut of these timeshare contracts in existence, and the timeshare resorts are far more interested in selling their existing weeks than helping you get out of yours. When timeshare owners are faced with rising fees and taxes associated with ownership and/or cannot use their timeshare due to availability issues or ability to travel, they can face financial crisis. This is the scenario that creates a victim ripe for the picking.

Fraudulent "timeshare resale agents" call these timeshare owners and offer them a seemingly perfect solution to their problem. Unfortunately, money changes hands but no buyer ever appears to complete the sale. The timeshare owner pays the "closing costs" or associated "fees" but not only does not get rid of the property, but finds himself or herself even further in debt.

By far, the safest, fastest and most financially wise solution to transfer of timeshare ownership is the American Resource Management Group's Timeshare Transfer process. This timeshare exit strategy is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee for Legal and Permanent Timeshare Transfer, as well as an excellent consumer rating with several accredited business rating services, including the Better Business Bureau.

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