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Does Rhodiola Rosea Extract the traditional Siberian feel good remedy that's selling out as a stress relief aid across the world really help balance moods? Find out more and learn about a 3-day 50% off coupon, now in its second day.

Available on, Supernova Naturals is providing a 50% discount coupon for its natural Rhodiola Rosea Extract an adaptogenic herb that battles stress, exhaustion, fatigue, mild anxiety.

Rhodiola Rosea maybe a strange sounding herb but it has a long history of being effective in balancing moods and reducing stress. Growing in the arctic regions of Scandinavia, Russia and China it has been used for centuries by people in those regions as a natural treatment for some of the challenges of living in such a harsh climate.

According to the America Psychological Association (APA) stress levels are on the rise amongst Americans and not even holidays are exempt from this phenomenon. In a major piece of research the APA identified a number of factors contributing to holiday stress including work, money, fighting traffic and caring for relatives and noted that women in particular are vulnerable to holiday-related stress.

"With the summer holiday season in full swing", said Supernova Naturals spokesman Mark Ashton "we thought it would be a great time for busy parents who might be feeling the stresses and strains of family vacations to try a natural herbal solution. There is plenty of research to suggest that the properties of adaptogenic herbs such as Rhodiola Rosea can be very helpful in helping the body adapt to stress", he continued.

"There must be a lot of stressed holiday makers out there", added Ashton "as we have had a remarkable take up of our offer during the first day".

Supernova naturals, a supplement company specializes in products for busy people who want to maintain optimum health. Today is the second day of a 3 day 50% off promotion. To claim visit, search for Rhodiola Rosea and find the one made by Supernova Naturals. The 50% off coupon code is DEALRHOD and runs from 08/09/13 to 08/11/13.

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