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Avene China Encourages Women to Change Pose on Their #selfie

A digital experience encouraging women to dare post their face from different angles on social medias. Have you thought about changing pose on your #selfie?

The word 'Selfie' has been elected as "word of the year" by the very serious Oxford dictionary. Celebrities, the US president, and even the Pope participate in this trend, by sharing their pictures on social media, facebook, pinterest, weibo, wechat, snapchat and almost anywhere else they can find. This phenomenon is so incredibly viral that scientist began to study it very seriously. We can now confirm that women take more selfies than men, that they usually have the mouth closed and the eyes open and that the pose depends of the countries from which they come.

(by Fred & Farid Shanghai)

Avene (Laboratories Pierre Fabre) is a respected french cosmetic brand based on thermal water. China is the most successful oversea market of Avene brand. For the launch of its "Couvrance" product range, Fred & Farid Shanghai came up with a digital campaign built on a famous Chinese digital insight : Chinese women usually allow themselves only one single pose on their selfies... the same exact pose on every selfie.

Therefore, the agency put together a viral video made of a serie of selfies proving this sad fact... the viewer discovers that only the background changes from one picture to another. This digital experience introduces Avene "360° Beauty" concept... encouraging Chinese women to dare post their face from different angles on social medias.. thanks to Avene "Couvrance" products.

"To succeed in China you need to build your campaigns on real digital Chinese insights... this one does it. Every Chinese women can easily relate to the experience"
Mr Francis Canet (General Manager Pierre Fabre China)

"It's a fresh, joyful digital campaign... breaking the jail of conformist selfies" Fred Raillard (Founder, Digital Creative Director Fred & Farid Group)

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