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Automated SEO Software Link Emperor Delivers Easy Website Audits to Check Pages

Integrating with third-party link building services, Link Emperor provides an instant SEO Website Audit measure the efficiency of websites and web pages.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important strategies for webpage ranking and drawing visitors that can then be converted into paying customers. In most cases, however, SEO can be a tasks-filled approach, entailing a long list of specific must-dos that are often carried out by a hired SEO professional.

Innovating the way SEO is implemented is Link Emperor, the new service that helps make the strategy simpler than it sounds, and yet more effective. Link Emperor is made by the same guys who are behind Gangster Profit, the business show that has helped hundreds of Internet Marketers get better. Kevin is a Harvard-trained computer scientist and Bobby brings years of SEO experience to the table. Before being released to the public, Link Emperor had driven Bobby and Kevin over $1.7 million in sales to their own online business portfolio.

"You've never seen a service that made your website's SEO this simple, powerful, and hands-free. Something that will give you more time to go on vacation while delivering far more no. 1 rankings than you're used to," according to Bobby and Kevin. "This is a service that will literally tell you what to rank for, and make SEO stop seeming like a chore and start seeming like reading the newspaper."

In particular, Link Emperor can manage, rotate and prioritize thousands upon thousands of keywords. Subscription to the service includes ordering of links of all types including blog posts, article submissions, Wiki links, submissions on Web 2.0 sites and press releases. Notably, Link Emperor comes with a software tool that provides an instant SEO Website Audits for all of the pages and sites that are entered into the system.

Link Emperor also adjusts link building dynamically over time using an ingenious algorithm. It also finds literally thousands of targeted keywords for SEO campaigns in a completely hands-free, 100% automated manner after set-up. All about delivering results, Link Emperor offers transparently link building reports in downloadable text files.

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