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Author Loretta Wade Releases First Non-Fiction Novel

After a seven year struggle, Keith Maze loses his right hand to epithelioid sarcoma, a rare and deadly cancer. Soon after, his dog Wishbone is involved in a serious accident that leads to the removal of his front leg.Now they are both "Single Handed"

Author Loretta Wade grew up on a farm in North Alabama where she was instilled with a strong work ethic and Christian values. After hearing about Keith Maze's dog Wishbone, and his loss of a front leg, Wade felt compelled to share with the world the dog's grueling ordeal. When she began writing the story she found a heartwarming story of a family's triumph over incredible adversity. The book is entitled "Single Handed" and is sure to bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face.

Keith Maze has inspired many people during his battle with cancer. Battle is a good way to describe it. Maze is more of a battler than a victim. Maze has always been a fan of the underdog, rooting for and helping them in any way he can. Even during the darkest days of battling the disease the talented singer organized or performed at many charity events. So who could have imagined that one of the underdogs he helped was, well, a dog?

Maze found the Jack Russel named Wishbone annoying in the beginning. Between the frequent fights with another Jack Russel, and constantly dropping a plastic toy on top of Maze's shoe in an effort to get his attention, the dog was nothing more than a nuisance.

But then the dog lost one of it's limbs in a tragic accident and everything changed. The two suddenly had something in common - being "Single Handed". You can read more about Keith and Wishbone or order a copy of the book at

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