Austin Wellness Clinic Provides Pain-Free Solution for Allergy Sufferers

Austin Wellness Clinic, a leader in holistic health programs, offers a sublingual immunotherapy treatment program as a pain-free alternative to traditional allergy shots.

Allergy sufferers can now eliminate symptoms such as watery eyes, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, and labored breathing without the discomfort of painful injections or the inconvenience of frequent doctor visits. Austin Wellness Clinic's sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) allergy treatment program provides both adults and children with a home-based, pain-free alternative to traditional shots administered at a physician's office.

The cornerstone of the SLIT approach is an all-natural liquid allergen solution that is available only by prescription. A drop of the solution is placed under the tongue as directed; over the course of the treatment period, the medication modifies the patient's immune system and decreases sensitivity to allergens.

SLIT is safe and completely painless, making it suitable for infants and young children as well as older patients. Because it is all-natural, very few individuals experience adverse reactions to the medication and there have never been any recorded fatalities. SLIT also works much faster than traditional shots, with many Austin Wellness Clinic patients reporting a reduction in symptoms in as little as four weeks.

The rapid effect is particularly beneficial at this time of year, according to Dr. John Haest, MD, the clinic's medical director and a respected Austin allergist. "February is a difficult month for allergy sufferers in central Texas due to mountain cedar pollen and other airborne irritants," says Haest. "Patients' symptoms can be quite severe, so getting some relief in four weeks with sublingual immunotherapy as opposed to four months with allergy shots obviously has a tremendous impact on quality of life."

Before starting the SLIT program, comprehensive allergy testing is required. The practitioners at Austin Wellness Clinic utilize the latest scientific testing methods and analysis techniques to identify specific allergens and map out a treatment strategy personally tailored to each patient's needs.

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