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Card games consider as one of the stunning game and even marked as traditional game of India.

Simplicity of the play:

Rummy game is one of the most popular games played amongst Indians. Many of the Indians love to play these rummy games on special occasions and get together. Rummy game is also known for its simple way of learning and playing.

This game became very popular because of its wide varieties and also by the evolution of this game in online. The portals like offer its users to play online for free and cash as well.

Types of Rummy Play:

Normally, rummy game portals offer three types of rummy games. They are Points rummy, Pool rummy and best of3 rummy. These types of games can be played between least of 2 members and a maximum of 6 members.

In points rummy game you can place instant bets. You will earn the chips based on the number of points you win in the game. The chips are calculated based on the amount you bet and the points you win.
Pool rummy is the game for the people who want to play the game for a long time. This game is played with specified chips. Players who first reach the 101/201 will be eliminated from the game and the player with the minimum count and stays till the end will win the chips.
Best of 3 is a game allows the players to play three games with specified chips. The player who stays with a minimum point till the end is declared as the winner.

Rummy Game Portals:

Rummy online game portals also offer various rummy tournaments on special occasions and celebrations period. The winners in these tournaments are offered cash prizes. Also, Free roll tournament which allows the free users to win the cash prize and special prizes.

Rummy game is the game of skill and it is available in online to play for money. Players can play the game for free and cash as well by opening an account in rummy portal. People new to the online rummy, are requested to read and know the rules specified in the rummy portals.

Many of the online rummy portals will first allow its users to play for free before playing for cash. So, it is good to play free first, in order to get used to the interface and options in the game.

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