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Atheist Lumberjack Rewrites The Bible

An atheist lumberjack has become an unlikely champion of the Holy Bible. William 'Bobo' Pocock's new eBook, Bobo's Bible: A Dude Version Of The Holy Bible, is an answer for what he calls, "the Bible problem." But his irreverence may not amuse some.

Atheist lumberjack, William 'Bobo' Pocock, spent a year in his northern wilderness cabin rewriting the King James Bible. His entertaining new eBook, Bobo's Bible: A Dude Version Of The Holy Bible, is for the young and cool. Condensed by 75 percent, the lumberjack's perspective will likely offend some conservative Christians.

"Standard bibles put people to sleep - that's the problem," according to Mr. Pocock. "Many curious atheists and Christians haven't read the Bible because it reads like a 1970s computer manual. So, I wrote a clear - and faithful - version for people with a sense of humour."

Mr. Pocock believes, religious or not, the Bible is a rich source of beauty and timeless wisdom. It also reveals our capacity for cruelty, intolerance, and mass murder.

"It's too easy for people these days to say they're atheist and not even bother with the whole religion thing," says Mr. Pocock. "Reading the Bible changed me."

The Lord works in mysterious ways, indeed. Bobo's Bible, written by an atheist for hip young adults, may be a godsend for a Christian population in steep decline over recent decades. A 2012 Pew research study revealed that one third of Americans under 30 reported no religious affiliation.

Outside the U.S., new findings are even more dramatic as young people increasingly identify as agnostic, or atheist. In Canada, a Maclean's magazine survey showed 35 percent of teenagers in 1984 identified as Christian, compared to only 13 percent in 2009. A recent U.K. poll of the 18-24 age group, found a surprising 46 percent reported no religious affiliation at all.

"You need to read the Bible to understand the world," says Mr. Pocock "It's the Matrix red pill. It's a fascinating mystery because it reveals different truths to each of us."

Bobo's Bible: A Dude Version Of The Holy Bible is available on-line at Amazon.com.

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William Pocock works to restore his managed forest by felling select trees like weeding a very big garden. The milled lumber is made into hollow wood paddleboards for sale to support old-growth restoration (www.ololo.ca). Surviving a near-fatal motorcycle crash in 1996, Mr. Pocock went on to make the first 8,000 km crossing of Canada in a human-powered velomobile he built in 2007 (www.econauts.blogspot.com). Along the way, Mr. Pocock spoke to over 6,000 public school children about what they could do to help reduce the threat of climate change.

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