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Small business challenges in 2014 will increase with the increasing need to increase digital marketing, healthcare concerns, competition with large corporations, and limited marketing budgets. Small business owners will face an increasing need to have pinpoint accuracy in their business strategy and marketing strategies while consistently improving their business development and maximizing marketing growth opportunities. In 2014, many small businesses will be working to accomplish greater business development, increased sales, and become more efficient in their business processes all while on a limited budget. As well, 2014 will demand that small businesses become more adept in their online marketing strategy or face being left behind with less market share. Parker Consulting specializes in small business development challenges and is happy to now provide customized small business coaching with one-on-one assistance to small businesses across the United States.

Many small business owners have difficulty in admitting they have business challenges and fear that hiring a small business coach or marketing consultant would be too expensive. In addition, hiring a full-time marketing director or business development director is simply not in the budget. Parker Consulting is now providing an option to rent a virtual marketing director or pay on an hourly "as-needed" basis for business coaching, sales coaching, marketing development, online and digital marketing. These services can also be offered on an "a-la-carte" menu of sorts to ensure the small business owners needs are met while they only purchase services that are needed to address their business challenge. This rate structure is also ideal for entrepreneurs and start-up businesses as budget resources are very limited. Those looking to increase their revenue in 2014, must also increase their dominance in digital marketing and social media which is still very new to small business owners. Parker Consulting specializes in providing coaching strategies to these small business owners as they begin to dip their feet into the online environment to reveal brand new revenue opportunities that proceed far beyond their previous "Main Street", local business strategy.

Parker Consulting provides business coaching, digital marketing, sales development, and many other resources to small businesses 7 days/ week. To begin your 2014 marketing and business development strategies call Parker Consulting for a free, initial 1-on-1 assessment of your small business needs at 515-984-0443. For more information, small businesses can also visit or e-mail the owner personally at

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