AsiaEtrading Increases Content by 50% in 2014

Due to recent growth in sales and industry demand, Hong Kong based financial news portal announces plans to publish 50% more editions of their Asia Etrader Magazine in 2014

In an attempt to consolidate its market share and bring more relevant and the latest analysis to their readers, - an electronic trading market structure portal for Asia announced today their decision to increase the number of editions published in 2014 by 50%.

Having recently achieved a milestone of publishing their 10th edition of the Asia Etrader Magazine, the company has listened to its customers to provide more content on Asia market structure. By doubling the number of paid subscribers since the beginning of the year, is reporting unprecedented growth. In order to keep up this momentum and increase their market share, the company decided to adjust their content publishing strategy and increase content by 50% for 2014.

In regards to this change of strategy, Stephen Edge, the Managing Director of, stated, "Starting with the first issue of the magazine, our goal was to provide useful data and relevant analysis to electronic trading practitioners around the world on Asia's market structure. We have been planning for some time to intensify our content publishing efforts and will deliver 2 additional issues in 2014. For us, this was the natural next step to take and is justified by paid subscriber growth and demand for further content."

Furthermore, Mr. Edge continued, stating, "This change in our content publishing strategy is first and foremost a major improvement for our readership, as they will have access to more insights, better data and even more of the latest news and information on Asia's leading financial institutions and the Asian market as a whole. We believe this will allow them to identify new market trends ahead of their competitors easier and at a reduced marginal cost allowing them to deploy limited resources more effectively in Asia."

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