Articles and Tips for Living Off the Grid Now Available on

Articles and Tips for Living Off the Grid, Maintaining Your Family's Security During Emergency, Available on

For many people the idea of living off the grid, independent from the traditional means of sustaining electricity, feeding your family and remaining healthy, the thought can be overwhelming. It's easy to doubt your ability to survive without the traditional methods when that belief has been reinforced by the very industries and companies that have been providing those services. When that belief is then backed by mainstream media, which is often powered by those same industries and companies, the idea of living off the grid seems impossible.

Fortunately living off the grid is anything but impossible as more and more people have turned away from the propaganda and adopted alternative energy practices, methods to grow and maintain their own survival garden and herbal remedies as well as take precautionary steps to protect their family's safety during the time of crisis.

Far removed from mainstream media, has developed a comprehensive site that not only provides articles about living off the grid but also tips on how to make the move as well as the most efficient methods to take. Written by fiercely independent survivalists, these articles and tips can help free you from the high cost of living while preparing you for any type of emergency that may lie ahead.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the articles written on Off The Grid News is their attention to what the content means to the reader. OffTheGridNews doesn't just present the facts; they tell you how those facts will play out. This gives you plenty of time to prepare for events that mainstream media typically ignores.

Off The Grid News doesn't shy away from the controversial issues that currently dominate the political and financial landscape of our country. Whether those issues focus on the decisions made by the Obama administration, the impact of an economy heading toward another recession, the ongoing debate over health care, questions surrounding the personal liberties of citizens or the effectiveness of green energy initiatives, brings relevant information to its readers so that they may make informed decisions.

What makes a real guide for the survivalists are the tips and "how-to" instructions that give readers easy-to-follow instructions to, among other things, grow a crisis garden and can fruits and vegetables, plan an emergency response to any disaster, properly store and maintain guns for personal safety and much more.

Making OffTheGridNews interactive, the site allows for members to leave comments following each article. By doing this readers can easily ask questions about getting off the grid as well as learn methods used by other readers who have adopted the survivalist way of life.

Off The Grid News is available directly online at or you can sign up for the free newsletter that is distributed once a week directly to your email account.

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