Are You An Online Marketing Agency without Any of Your Team Member Being Google Analytics Certified? You're on Wrong Tack Then!

Are you a company that specializes in SEO or web marketing? Have you been able to enjoy some success with Google Analytics?

Are you a company that specializes in SEO or web marketing? Have you been able to enjoy some success with Google Analytics? Even if your answer is yes, there is something that you should have that will become increasingly important to enable you stay relevant in the coming years, and in the changing Analytics landscape. That something is certification.

In 2009, Google announced the introduction of the Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification program or the GAIQ test. Currently, the GAIQ costs US$ 50 and requires a pass rate of 75%-the qualifications last 18 months.

To make it even easier, Google has placed all of this content online. So it is quite possible for staff at any agency around the world to sit for Google certification from the comfort of their offices with the only requirement being for them to take Google's exams at any Google office worldwide. It therefore means that there is really no reason why there should not be at least one staff member who is certified in your company.

It is instructive that the qualifications last only 18 months. The analytics field is a rapidly changing one, with Google introducing new analytical tools all the time. In addition, there are more web marketing companies coming up. So how can you stand out from the crowd? How can you make your clients want to hire you instead of your competitor?

To do that ensures that at least one of your staff members is Google Analytics certified. The most obvious benefit to certification is the enhanced competency that certification provides. Google has resources that explain the Analytics software in detail from basic to advanced. With such training, your web marketing agency will therefore be able to offer superior service based on depth of product knowledge.

The certification also determines the actual levels of competency. It is one thing to read or watch a tutorial, but quite another for Google to actually test that you have learned the material. An agency that has certified staff demonstrate that requisite competence.

And lastly, companies that have at least a staff member who is Google Analytics certified provide their clients with a higher degree of confidence. Though the proof of the pudding is always in the eating it is still nonetheless comforting for your clients to know that they are dealing with a certified professional.

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