Are Fatal Heart Conditions Linked To High Blood Pressure?

More than 70 percent of Americans who have had a stroke or heart attack have also been diagnosed with high blood pressure.

More than 70 percent of Americans who have had a stroke or heart attack have also been diagnosed with high blood pressure. This statistic has made high blood pressure one of the most fatal conditions in the country, taking roughly 350,000 lives each year.

However, newer studies released suggest that heart diseases and nervous breakdowns are not the only high blood pressure side effects. Uncontrolled blood pressure has also been linked to diabetes, kidney problems, and aneurysms.

"While most of these side effects can take a while to develop, it is important to take proactive measures towards regulating the condition before it's too late," said Frank McDonald of High Blood Pressure Support.

However, McDonald also said that prevention of the side effects can be tricky because high blood pressure rarely has symptoms. Almost 30 percent of the diagnosed hypertensive people admitted to having only consulted a doctor when they started to notice symptoms linked to other conditions like diabetes.

Agatha, a 50 year old woman who shared her story through the High Blood Pressure Support website, said that she started to notice her vision becoming blurrier than usual. She suspected it might have something to do with diabetes. Upon diagnosis, the doctor confirmed that she was indeed diabetic, but also added that it was triggered by a pre-existing condition, which was high blood pressure.

"This is common amount cases of case hypertensive people. Most of us are more familiar with the symptoms of other health conditions, except high blood pressure," said McDonald.

He said that some of the most common symptoms of high blood pressure that people often overlook are dizziness, headaches, and low energy.

High blood pressure is a condition that does not have a permanent cure. Fortunately, there are already highly available products in the market known to effectively regulate blood pressure. These treatments can also help prevent high blood pressure side effects from developing. Aside from relying on treatments, McDonald along with other health experts are also adovcating for a healthy lifestyle in ensuring the no other health complications will arise from high blood pressure.

"These treatments are only good in faciliating the pumping of blood in the body, but they cannot do anything about fat burning, or cholesterol elimination. You need to help your body and the treatment, " McDonald said.

More comprehensive and updated guidelines on the lifestyle choices for hypertensive people are featured in High Blood Support Website.

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