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Aqua Elites Event Revs Up Its Magnificence Miami Exotic Car Rentals Service

As the holiday season gets more exotic cars at Miami, Aqua Elite Events has decided to rev up its existing line of luxury car rentals.

The Car designed solely to allow holidays experience Miami in all style and luxury. The range of cars being offered by the company is expected to behind all other major players in the field of car rental services. Their all new Miami exotic car rentals include latest models of renowned brands like the Audi, the Lamborghini, and the Ferrari. The models are suited to meet the tastes of different types of car lovers, including those who rave over sports cars. Among sports car specials, people interested in going for exotic car rentals Miami, FL., get to choose from the Range Rover Sport to the Lamborghini Murcielago to the Mercedes Benz SLS. Luxury cars offered include Audi R8 Convertible, Bugatti Veyron, Porsche Panamera S, Mercedes Benz CL 550 Coupe, and the latest BMWs.

All those who are interested in going for Miami luxury car rentals by hiring from Aqua Elite Events is also scheduled to meet new offers and surprises in the form of discounted deals. Just as zooming across the Miami islands is great fun, the need to check on accommodation and enjoy cruises is also taken care of by the company. With the holiday packages getting more popular by the day, visitors, guests and holidays are enjoying rare deals that combine cruises and car rentals, complete with vacation rentals in accommodation available in the form of condominiums, villas, and apartments.

A highlight of the Miami luxury cars offered by Aqua Elite Events is the assorted collection of limousines that they offer. You could take a group of friends, relatives or just business partners on a vacation like no other creating a smooth experience by using a combination of limousine rental services and the luxury cruise services offered by the company. Ultimately, you get to serve your guests every bit of the holiday with a stamp of high status living. The special offers are valid for a short while and discount also available every time a referral is made.

About Aqua Elite Events:

Aqua Elite Events is a Miami Car rental and Boat rentals service company that specializes in three aspects namely, cruises, cars and events. They have a wide range of water cruises which include power boat, private jets, and luxury yacht rentals. Also long term cruises along the coast of Southern Florida are available with them. The rentals available for accommodation include condominiums, apartments, and villas. The vacation rentals are suitably priced to suit the needs of long term holidays. Both on boat rentals and accommodation rentals, personnel services are available on request. The car rental services has all latest exotic car models made available at reasonable rates, to allow people from all classes of the urban society experience the pure magic of driving around the island in a limousine or a luxury Miami cars.

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J .D. Tobon
Aqua Elite Events
1830 S Ocean DR, Hallandale Beach FL 33009
Telephone: +1 305-892-2573, +1 305-333-2473

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