APPS RUN THE WORLD, a leading ICT market research firm announced the launch of Apps Run Treasury at, its second Super Site dedicated to a single theme - this time on Treasury and Risk Management.

APPS RUN THE WORLD, a leading ICT market research firm that specializes in covering the $100-billion+ enterprise applications market, announced the launch of Apps Run Treasury at, its second Super Site dedicated to a single theme - this time on Treasury and Risk Management.

The launch of Apps Run Treasury coincides with the release of the latest market-sizing report on the TRM applications market, which is projected to reach $3.5 billion in software revenues by 2018 at a CAGR of 9.3% after topping $2.2 billion in 2013.

``The expansion of the TRM market can be attributed to the pent-up demand for treasury and risk management solutions after the financial crisis, as well as growing adoptions of Cloud-based solutions that prove to be easier and faster to deploy as many corporations and financial institutions are ready to replace their legacy systems that may no longer help them withstand competitive pressures in light of shifting regulatory environments,'' said Albert Pang, president of APPS RUN THE WORLD.

With its track record of preparing and analyzing exhaustive market-research data, Apps Run Treasury provides detailed profiles of over 70 leading TRM applications vendors. The new Super Site ranks them by revenue and market reach using its trademark SCORES methodology, which stands for Strengths, Customers, Opportunities, Risks, Ecosystems, and Shares.

Paid subscribers can access continuously-updated vendor and customer profiles in a searchable database. Also available is downloadable content that includes a 216-page market report filled with trends, analysis and vendor profiles, as well as Excel deliverables that cover hundreds of customer records. The customer information is particularly valuable for anyone interested in keeping track of the utilization of different versions of TRM applications, giving them a timetable on the system refresh cycle of widely deployed treasury workstations and risk management software.

The launch of Apps Run Treasury follows the explosive growth of Apps Run ERP, the first APPS RUN THE WORLD Super Site. Since its debut in July 2013, Apps Run ERP has become a favorite online destination for ERP professionals attracting thousands of unique visitors every month.

``We are riding the next wave of market-research industry development by focusing on themes that are mission-critical to every organization in the world,'' Pang said. ``The upcoming launch of additional APPS RUN THE WORLD Super Sites will validate our position as the undisputed leader in providing tactical and strategic data and insights that can help users and other decision makers exploit the onslaught of new applications optimized for the Cloud, Big Data and mobile devices.''

In addition to these Super Sites, APPS RUN THE WORLD is involved in building custom content, interactive event series and quarterly market intelligence deliverables for executives at technology companies, offering them actionable insights and granular data for every segment of the enterprise applications marketplace whether it touches traditional implementation or Cloud-based delivery.

Founded in 2010, APPS RUN THE WORLD is reshaping the IT market research industry with an innovative approach to delivering quantitative and qualitative research on vertical and horizontal applications products, vendors and emerging technology trends through a number of Super Sites as well as an extensive portfolio of worldwide research services for users, vendor executives, institutional investors and other key stakeholders.

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