Appeal To Stop Human Trafficking In Belize Released

Hunting Human Traffickers Organization (HHTO) today released "Appeal to Stop Human Trafficking in Belize," a petition document urging the Belize government to immediately take action and address human trafficking in this Central American country.

The Appeal asks the Belize government to take under consideration a number of anti-trafficking measures to address human trafficking. These include: prosecuting those who profit from trafficking victims; improvement to immigration policy and practices and strengthening and enforcement of liquor license laws.

HHTO invites all individuals and groups to submit the Appeal to the Government of Belize.

Every month, 1,000 victims are transported through Belize's well-traveled human trafficking routes. Last year, Belize did not convict or sentence a single human trafficker. Significantly, Belize has not reported a conviction for human trafficking since 2005.

The Appeal calls for up-take of the following recommended measures to address human trafficking in Belize:

Prosecution - enforce established laws designed to address human trafficking, including prosecuting corrupt police.

Immigration - protocols and standards established and implemented to prevent bribery at borders, one of the main instruments of human traffickers

Liquor License Laws - strengthen to provide for suspension of license and fines for bar owners profiting from human trafficking

Most immediately, the Appeal calls for a full-scale investigation and crack down on bars known to profit from on-premise prostitution related to human trafficking. Current laws as outlined would enable investigation and prosecution.

While all areas containing high concentrations of human trafficking exploitation bars should be investigated, tourist areas should take precedence, with San Pedro, Ambergris Caye targeted as the number one offender in the country. Orange Walk and Belize City, including the Ladyville area, should be of particular interest to officials conducting investigations as well.

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