Announcing Launch of HOT REVERSI HD for the iPad

With every move, release fire or call down lightning! The 3D effects make HOT REVERSI HD both Hot and Cool!

In mid-June 2010, moak-1 Co., Ltd. (located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President Kiyoto Futatsugi) will release an iPad-only app of its HOT REVERSI HD, available from the App Store.

Set the pieces on fire or call down lightning - the 3D effects make this Reversi game even more competitive!
The stronger your moves, the more powerful the effects are - and if they are strong enough, the board itself may even burn up or crack open.
HOT REVERSI HD breathes hot and exhilarating new life into the familiar Reversi game.

ã€Summary: HOT REVERSI HD for the iPadã€'
・Rights: (c) 2010 moak-1 Co., Ltd.
・Release Date: Distribution starts in the middle of June (Currently being checked by the App Store)
・Price: US$4.99
・Issuer: nenet (Our company's brand name)
・Official Website:

Strategize the RED-HOT SWITCH for hotter competition!
Press the RED-HOT Switch at the upper left and lower right corners to shake up both the screen and your opponent!
Use it as a new strategy or to buy yourself time to think.
But if you shake the screen too often... The pieces will be blown away!
The pieces will eventually return to their original locations, but all strategic plans
may have blown away with the pieces, making this technique particularly effective.
Use forceful strategies for optimum enjoyment of the game with human vs. human!

Turn the effects off to enjoy a normal game of Reversi!
The effects are optional, so you can turn them off to enjoy a normal game of Reversi.
You can also select from blue or green for the board color, and can select the BGM and board viewpoint. A lot of thought has gone into making the game easy and enjoyable.

Resume play where you left off after restarting!
After restarting the app, a new function allows you to choose to resume play right where you left off.

List of features
・Reversi created with 3D polygons.
・To increase the excitement, when you turn the pieces over, there are many special effects, such as fire or lightning. *The stronger the move, the more violent the fire/lightning effects will be.
・Turn the effects off to enjoy a classic, quiet game of Reversi.
・The BGM helps keep the game from becoming too incandescent.
・Play with the CPU (1-player mode) or other people (2-player mode).
・There is a RED-HOT Switch to each player's right that allows him to disrupt his opponent's concentration. *You can shake the board or make the pieces fly off, etc.
・There is a function that allows you to choose to resume play where you left off after restarting the app.
・You can select green or blue as the color of the board.
・The tilt sensor allows players to view the board even when the iPad is tilted at a diagonal angle.
・The app includes a 4-stage 3D viewpoint that allows richer enjoyment of the fire and lightning effects (from overhead to oblique viewpoints)
・In 1-player mode, select whether you want to play black or white pieces.
・In 1-player mode, select from fire-type or lightning-type effects.

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moak-1 Co., Ltd.
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Shinyo Bldg., 2-14 Ageba-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0824
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